'Call the Midwife' Cast Members Won’t Return for Season 7

No sooner have we dried our tears from Sunday night’s season finale then comes the announcement that several of the Call the Midwife cast are quitting the show.

It had already been reported at the end of March that Ben Caplan, the actor who plays Sgt. Peter Noakes, would be taking a break from the show after season six. Mr. Caplan did suggest he’d be happy to return at some point, perhaps with his on-screen wife Miranda Hart who played the beloved midwife, Chummy.

However, just a few days ago the Radio Times revealed that a trio of actresses have quit the show with no indication at this time if they plan to return at a later date. 

Emerald Fennell and Kate Lamb who portrayed Nurse Patsy Mount and Nurse Delia Busby had just reunited at the end of the finale after an extended separation.

Emerald Fennell played Patsy Mount for four seasons. Kate Lamb joined the cast as Delia Busby in its fourth season (Photo: courtesy of Neal Street Productions 2016)

Fennell’s Patsy had only appeared in the first two episodes of season six before taking off to Hong Kong to care for her dying father. Lamb’s Busby stayed behind, but made limited appearances either showing up at St. Cuthbert’s or practicing for her midwife exam and pining away in silence for Patsy. At the end of this week’s episode Patsy did say that wherever she goes next, Delia is coming with her. So perhaps that was their way of saying good-bye without revealing too much.

The exit that might be the bigger surprise is that of Bryony Hannah who played midwife Cynthia Miller for the first three seasons before joining the Nonnatus order and becoming Sister Mary Cynthia for the remainder of her time on the show.

Bryony Hannah has been a part of the Midwife cast since it began in 2012  (Photo:courtesy of Neal Street Productions 2016)

You may recall that when she arrived with Dr. Turner at Northfield, the nurse asked what she would like to be called during her stay with the therapeutic community. The young nun replied she wanted to go back to being Cynthia. It’s not been announced how her absence will be explained in the upcoming season, but we might assume that she leaves the order and makes a fresh start elsewhere.

A spokesman for Call the Midwife told the Radio Times, “We are always sad when actors want to move on to pastures new, as it’s a wrench to let go of such beloved characters, but time and again over the years it has proved hugely exciting to bring new faces and personalities into the mix.”

"As a large ensemble family, comings and goings are part of life in Call the Midwife and we wish Emerald, Kate and Bryony all the luck for their next projects. Our core team are still very much at the heart of series seven and viewers have already taken newer cast members like Nurse Crane and Valerie into their hearts.”

Are you sad to see these characters go? Knowing they won’t return, do you feel the they received adequate closure? Does this news affect whether you continue to watch Call the Midwife? Please share your thoughts below.