'Home Fires'' Final Season Comes to Masterpiece This April

The women of "Home Fires" Season 2 (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Studios and MASTERPIECE)
The women of "Home Fires" Season 2 (Photo: Courtesy of ITV Studios and MASTERPIECE)

The second season of female-led drama Home Fires will finally screen in America this spring! Season 2 will air on PBS’ Masterpiece beginning Sunday, April 2 at 9pm. It’ll be paired with the new season of period drama Call the Midwife

The series stars Samantha Bond and Francesa Annis as the leaders of a group of Women’s Institute members in a rural Cheshire community during World War II. Season 2 is set during the summer of 1940 and the village of Great Paxton is caught up in the Battle of Britain. Two weeks after the defeat at Dunkirk, with the German army advancing though France, Britain braces itself for invasion. The women must all rely on each other and their friendships forged in their community to survive what is to come.

Watch a trailer for the upcoming second season below:

Unfortunately, Home Fires was cancelled by British network ITV after its second season. And despite a rather well organized and extremely enthusiastic fan campaign to save it, it looks as though the show is officially done.

And, even more unfortunately – I’m reliably informed that Season 2 ends on a fairly major cliffhanger. So we should probably all start preparing ourselves now that there will likely be some plot threads that don’t necessarily have a satisfying ending.  It’s always a shame when shows don’t get a chance to wrap up their stories on their own terms. But maybe it’s better to know that going in. Forewarned is forearmed, and all that.

Will you be tuning in to Home Fires second season? Let us know!