How Should ‘Downton Abbey’ End? Watch the Cast Weigh In


Laura Carmichael, Leslie Nichols, Phyllis Logan and Hugh Bonneville contemplate Season 6. (Photo: PBS)
One of the only good things about knowing for sure that Downton Abbey’s ending after next season is that it gives Julian Fellowes and company plenty of time to plot satisfying resolutions to all the main story and (hopefully) give all the major characters an appropriate happy ending.

Determining what those endings should look like though will doubtless occupy those of us that think and obsess and write about British TV through the rest of the year. How can we say goodbye to these characters? What sort of endings do we want to see for them? And what sort of closure do we need from their current story arcs?

Fans apparently aren’t the only people thinking about these obviously super important issues. Masterpiece put together a cute video featuring several of the series’ major cast members contemplating the question of what sort of ideal endings they’d envision for their characters next year. 

For example, Laura Carmichael wants Edith to keep her independent spirit, Robert James-Collier would like to see Thomas fall in love, Hugh Bonneville wants to see Robert and Cora chuck everything and ride off into the sunset into a convertible, among others.

Watch for yourselves below. (Spoiler alert: This cast is so adorable, y’all.) 

Downton Abbey: Fantasy Series Endings

I’m assuming Maggie Smith’s answer involves either a splashy vacation for the Dowager Countess or possibly some form of world domination, I’m not sure.

Personally, I have a lot of thoughts about what Downton Abbey needs to do to wrap things up successfully next season. These things include but are not limited to:

  • An actual wedding for Carson and Mrs Hughes (I will combust with rage if Season 6 starts and we’ve skipped that bit. The fans have waited for five years.)
  • Bates and Anna experience something happy. Whether that’s the two of them finally having a baby or just adopting a puppy, this long-suffering duo deserve a storyline that’s focused on something other than whether both of them is headed to jail.
  • Mary stops being the worst person on earth. If only so we can remember why we liked her at least once before the show ends.
  • Daisy just moves to Mr. Mason’s farm already. Come on this has been the obvious ending for this character since William died.
  • Matthew shoutout! Just once more.
  • Someone turns out to actually like Edith best. 

Thoughts? What would your ideal Downton ending look like?