Celebrate Independence Day by Imagining If The British Had Won


Stephen Merchant in one of the "If We Won" ads (Photo: Newcastle)
As every American knows, on July 4 the United States celebrates its independence. We watch fireworks, eat barbecue, go to baseball games, and basically spend the day generally rejoicing in our Founding Fathers’ successful thrashing of the British Empire.

I never know what to write about on this particular day here on the blog – it’s such an American holiday and we cover all things British and it’s probably not best to cross the streams and all that kind of thing. But luckily, the marketing team at beer manufacturer Newcastle has helpfully provided us with the perfect post topic this year.

You see, it turns out that the new ad campaign for Newcastle Brown Ale is entirely built around the idea of speculating about what America might be like if we had never won the Revolutionary War. Subsequently, they have manufactured a holiday called “Independence Eve” wherein they encourage Americans to drink their very British beer and created a series of videos to toast “how great it could have been” if America were Britain 2.0

The results are pretty amazing.

Watch as actor Stephen Merchant hilariously explains his vision for what America might have been, had the English been victorious in 1776. We’d have better comedy, for example, and our insults would be much more interesting: 

Stephen Merchant Presents: "If We Won" with Newcastle Brown Ale.

And then an American gets in on the act as Star Trek’s  Zachary Quinto explains the difference between the British and American schools of acting – and what it means to be an actor (read: American) versus a thespian (British). 

Zachary Quinto Presents: "The Craft of Acting" with Newcastle Brown Ale #IfWeWon

  Actress Elizabeth Hurley discusses the fact that some folks didn’t necessarily like the concept of “Independence Eve” and gives a very artful non-apologetic apology: 

An Apology to America from Newcastle and Elizabeth Hurley

The Merchant clip is by far the best one, but do take a minute and watch the entire playlist, which features several other fun clips, focused on things like English muffins, apologies, names for things, Mount Rushmore, prohibition and more.

Tell us what you thought of these clips in the comments. (And have a safe and happy Fourth, everyone!)