Benedict Cumberbatch and the 'Sesame Street' Muppets are Your Must See Clip of the Day


Cutest picture ever? It's possible. (Photo: PBS)
In case you thought the conclusion of Sherlock Series 3 would mean seeing less of star Benedict Cumberbatch in your life, well, here's some good news - that's apparently never going to happen. And - bonus - this particular bit may be one of Cumberbatch's absolute best appearances yet. It's even educational!

In a truly awesome moment that appears to have been put together during Cumberbatch's appearance at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, Cumberbatch hangs out with the Count and Murray, a couple of the beloved Muppets from iconic children's show Sesame Street.  Murray manages to get in some Sherlock jokes, including a funny reference to finale episode His Last Vow. A battle of wits over - what else - counting ensues, the Count is called in to assist, and the result is basically perfection. Plus, you know, there's a lesson about math in there too. So, it's fun for the whole family.

While I hate to disappoint the droves of fans who seemed to expect Cumberbatch to make an actual appearance on the show by pointing out that this is just a video clip and not an entire episode, the spot is so awesome that you'll get over your Sesame Street sadness pretty quickly. It's that cute.

Watch (the adorably titled) "The Sign of Four (Or Is It Three?)" below: 

Benedict Cumberbatch and the Sign of Four (or is it Three?)

How am I supposed to get anything productive done today after this? How? 

I mean, how cute is this? It even makes me feel more kindly disposed toward math. How much did YOU love it?