Dan Stevens Returns to Television (Sort of) in 'The Tomorrow People' Remake

Not to worry, Downton Abbey fans – if you’re still missing seeing star Dan Stevens and his performance as everyone’s favorite lawyer turned surprise aristocratic heir Matthew Crawley, you’ll soon be able to catch him on your TVs every week once more.

Or at least you’ll be able to hear him.

The Downton alum is set to lend his voice to the CW’s upcoming remake of classic British science fiction children’s show The Tomorrow People. He’ll be playing the voice of its biological computer TIM, according to reports from Entertainment Weekly.  

But what is The Tomorrow People you might ask? Well, it’s a British children’s show from the 70s, that was subsequently resurrected in the 90s and is now being rebooted by American network the CW. The series follows the adventures of and mystery surrounding a group of young people who have all developed special and/or super human powers through evolution: telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, that kind of thing. This was kind of sort of supposed to be ITV’s own version of Doctor Who back in the 1970s.

TIM was a character on the original series and would help the team out by providing information for its missions and was originally voiced by Philip Gilbert. (Don’t feel bad if you’re already having visions of Stevens as a kind of male version of Synergy from JEM. It’s where my brain went too.)  No one knows how closely the CW’s new remake will follow the original UK series, how TIM will be introduced or what his role will be.

Curious? You can watch a trailer for The Tomorrow People below, though, sadly, Stevens does not appear in it. 

The Tomorrow People (CW) Series Official Trailer (HD)

The Tomorrow People premieres on the CW on October 9th. Thoughts? Does this sound like something you’d try out? It’s certainly an interesting role/choice for the Downton star...