A Bit of Housekeeping: Welcome Carmen to Telly Visions!

Somehow, Telly Visions is rapidly approaching its second birthday – yes, our little blog will turn two years old this September. Time really does fly, huh? Thanks as always to everyone who is party of our little community here, and for reading and tweeting and sharing and commenting, even on the silliest of posts.

But, as we’re getting a bit older, we’re working on expanding the voices here at the blog, to bring all of you a wider variety of content on as many different shows and topics as we can. So, over the next couple of months we’ll be introducing a few new regular bloggers who will be helping to make the site even better. (And if you have shows or topics – contemporary or classic - that you’d like to see us cover? Tell us below!)

The first new addition to the Telly Visions family is Carmen Croghan. She writes her own blog over at Everything I Know About the UK, I Learned from the BBC, and is obviously a big fan of all things British. She organizes an Anglophiles United program at her local library, is slightly obsessed with the Beatles and Monty Python, and is a dedicated fan of all manner of British television series, particularly comedies, which will add a nice balance to the content offerings around here. She’s also a huge Call the Midwife fan, which I expect will make several of our regular readers very happy.

Just in case anyone was wondering – and you probably weren’t, but still - yours truly isn’t going anywhere, so you’re all still going to be stuck with my Benedict Cumberbatch obsession and thousand-word recap posts on a variety of shows too. (The Great Doctor Who Rewatch really is coming, I swear.)

Keep an eye out for Carmen’s first post in the next couple of days – in the meantime why not leave her a comment here and say hello?