Amazing Internet Things: First Episode of Doctor Who Parody Inspector Spacetime!

Abed, the resident pop culture geek played by Danny Pudi on NBC’s Community, is probably very happy today – the first episode of the comedy’s beloved Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime actually exists!

Oops, I mean Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. The production ran into some copyright concerns from NBC and has now “regenerated” in this new, retitled incarnation. UWSAASTWCATTT was entirely fueled by a very successful Kickstarter campaign and will be comprised of six webisodes with (apparently) more to come, as creator Travis Richey says he’s already got an idea for Season 2.

Wactch the first installment of UWSAASTWCATTT (sheesh, what an acronym!) for yourself below. Whovians, I think you’ll love it.

The fact that the companion’s name is Piper Tate just kills me. This whole thing is awesome. I can't wait for more!

"Untitled Web Series..." Season 1, Part 1