The Friday News Roundup!

Happy Friday! Welcome to this week's edition of our News Roundup, where I attempt to fill you in on all the things of interest that happened this week in British entertainment news. (Emphasis on the "attempt" - if I've missed something excellent, link me!). This week we've got quite a bit of Doctor Who, some Misfits, Sherlock, Poirot, as well as news on a new Pixar film, the Golden Globes, annual charity appeal Children in Need and more.  So click right on through to get started.

The big rumor of the week is that a big screen Doctor Who feature film appears to be in the works, with Harry Potter’s David Yates reported to be in the director’s chair. Personally, I have absolutely no idea how to feel about this – as a longtime fan of the television series I welcome all forms of the Doctor, in whatever medium that might arrive. I’m nervous about the prospect of some kind of “reboot” though, I have to admit. But, I’m trying to remind myself that multiple forms of Sherlock Holmes seem to be happily coexisting in both the film and television worlds with few problems. io9 does make a pretty compelling case as to why Yates’ movie could be the best thing to happen to the show in ages, but I’m still not entirely sold yet. We’ll have to see what happens.

The BBC and HBO are teaming up to make a four-part television adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall. Peter Straughan, who wrote the recent Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy remake is working on scripts for series, which charts the rise to power of Thomas Cromwell during the reign of King Henry VIII.

Watch the absolutely gorgeous trailer for Pixar’s Scottish Highlands-set fairytale Brave.

The Office star Ricky Gervais is set to return as host of the Golden Globes this year. I’m surprised by this – since apparently he managed to make a great many people fairly angry him the last time – but pretty excited about it as well. Thought he was a great host.

Happy 50th birthday to the Steven Moffat, executive producer and writer of both Sherlock and Doctor Who!

For our Poirot fans, the man himself, actor David Suchet is now on Twitter.  

Coming Soon has a feature from the set of new Sherlock Holmes film, Game of Shadows.

In BBC Sherlock news, star Benedict Cumberbatch is already generating some Oscar buzz for his performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I can't believe there are still something like three weeks to go until this movie is released in the States. It was actually originally meant to debut this weekend, but was shifted back a bit - I assume to get it out of the way of the hordes of Twilight fans at the multiplex this weekend. But I'm still sad about it.

BBC America and NPR are joining forces to make a 2011 Year in Review TV special for popular radio program “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me.”

The BBC is auctioning off Matt Smith’s Doctor Who suit (including a bow tie!) to benefit Children in Need, and there are some super adorable pictures of Smith posing with Pudsey.

Speaking of Children in Need, the annual charity telethon is happening today, so get ready for some cute series spoofs and appearances from various popular actors, including a special Doctor Who mini-sode, and a sneak preview of the 2011 Christmas special, and who even knows what else. Last year I seem to remember Downton Abbey did something, so here's hoping! (I'll try to do a mini-roundup of any relevant links, parodies or things of interest once clips start appearing online.)

Lots of Who-related news this week, apparently: former Companion Freema Ageyman (Martha Jones) wants to come back for the show’s 50th anniversary. And here's a look at the first official image from the upcoming Christmas episode.

Series 3 of E4’s Misfits, airing now in the UK, will be coming to Hulu in December. So pleased by this continuing trend of British imports finding American broadcast homes online.

Dame Judi Dench has thrilled pupils at a North Yorkshire boarding school by agreeing to take part in their school play. She’ll be the pre-recorded voice of the Giant in the Giggleswick school production of Into the Woods.

If you’re a fan of Irish rock superband U2, you’ll probably want to know that British magazine Q has put together an entire cover CD of the band’s 1991 album Achtung Baby. Called AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered and packaged free with the December issue, the CD features The Killers, Nine Inch Nails, Jack White, Snow Patrol, Depeche Mode, Patti Smith, and more.  The Britscene blog has helpfully compiled all the songs here if you want to give it a listen, and while the disc didn’t come with the American version of the magazine (sadness!), it is available on iTunes. (Personal favorite: Snow Patrol’s “Mysterious Ways” is pretty amazing. And though I am not a big Killers fan, their “Ultraviolet” is also great.)