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Watch: The First PBS Promo for Upcoming Holiday Special ‘Mr Stink’

Mr. Stink, a feature-length drama adapted from the popular children’s novel written by David Walliams, will premiere this December as part of PBS’s special line-up of holiday programming.

Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville stars as the titular Mr. Stink - a role that seems quite a bit removed from the uber-posh Lord Robert Grantham. A particularly odiferous homeless man with more than a few secrets of his own, Mr. Stink is befriended by a lonely twelve-year-old girl named Chloe, who lets him stay in her garden shed. Sheridan Smith, Isabella Blake-Thomas and Johnny Vegas also star in this heartwarming holiday tale.

Watch the first trailer from PBS below to get a better feel for the show. It looks wonderfully ridiculous.

Prepare Your Emotions: A Full 'Sherlock' Series 3 Trailer is Here

So, remember what I was saying earlier about a positive avalanche of new Sherlock material emerging over the past couple of weeks, by way of apology for making us all wait two years for Series 3? Well, the most awesome bit of all may have arrived at last. (And it’s so awesome, I’m breaking my own personal rule about posting on the blog twice in a row about the same subject. I expect you’ll all forgive me.)

Yes, an actual full minute long trailer for Series 3 premiere The Empty Hearse is here, and it’s amazing. There’s actual dialogue, and footage, and a fairly big emotional punch in the gut at the same time.

New 'Downton Abbey' US Teaser Trailer!

We’re now just about two months away from the US premiere of megahit costume drama Downton Abbey and it seems fair to say that most American fans are beyond excited to see what’s in store for our favorite characters after the dramatic (and traumatic) events of Series 3.

As we inch closer to the Series 4 premiere date of January 5, 2014, more and more goodies pertaining to the new season are starting to appear courtesy of the lovely folks at PBS and Masterpiece, to help us get through the torturous final few weeks of waiting (and ease our annoyance at our British friends who are watching it right now!)

A brand new Downton teaser trailer has been released, complete with some new footage that isn’t part of the initial Series 4 trailer that was released back at the beginning of October. In this – sadly, quite brief – clip, you’ll get a look at many of your favorite returning characters, as well as some new faces, who primarily seem to be of the “potential love interest” variety.

Watch for yourselves below.

The First PBS Preview for 'Downton Abbey' Series 4 is Here!

American Downton Abbey fans are furiously counting down the days until the costume drama returns to our television screens on January 5, 2014. We’re all also trying to contain our jealousy that our lucky lucky UK friends are currently getting to watch the new season for themselves as we speak, so any tidbit or snippet of new information is like water in the desert for us.

So, while we can’t have new episodes yet, we can get another new look at the upcoming season – PBS has released its official first trailer for Downton Series 4. Watch for yourselves below.

‘The Paradise’ Comes to Masterpiece in October: Watch the First PBS Preview

Costume drama fans rejoice! You can get your period drama fix once again starting this October on PBS stations nationwide. The new series The Paradise, which adapts Emile Zola’s classic French novel set in a Victorian-era department store premieres on PBS stations nationwide beginning this October.

The Paradise is a rags-to-riches tale set in the first department store in northern England in the late nineteenth century. It follows the story of Denise Lovett, a bright-eyed country girl who finds more than just shop work when she brings her clever ideas and ambition to the glamorous store called, you guessed it, The Paradise. She is plunged headlong into intrigue and romance as she catches the eye of the store’s dashing and enigmatic owner, John Moray, who harbors a dark secret. Drama, predictably, ensues.

Watch the first PBS preview for this new lavish costume series below – and get a sneak peek at a scene from the first episode!

Go Behind the Scenes of Shakespeare Series ‘The Hollow Crown’

Highly anticipated series The Hollow Crown is airing on PBS stations nationwide through October 11, so fans everywhere are getting the chance to see this award-winning Shakespeare production screen in the States at last.

The four plays that comprise The Hollow CrownRichard II; Henry IV, Part One; Henry IV, Part Two and Henry V – bring several of Shakespeare’s most acclaimed histories to life as a single chronological narrative, and explore the ideas behind kingship, including what it means to be a king, a subject, and a man. Starring a tremendously large group of epic British actors of all stripes, the entire thing is just a collection of really, fantastically well done Shakespeare, and absolutely worth your time for a few Fridays this Fall.

Luckily, Great Performances continues to feed our addiction to all things Hollow Crown-related by releasing a special behind-the-scenes mini-documentary about the production, entitled Shakespeare and the Divine Right of Kings. This twenty minute feature boasts exclusive interviews with the directors behind the films, as well as many of the gifted actors involved, including Ben Whishaw, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Rory Kinnear, Julie Walters and more.

'Downton Abbey' Cast and Creators Tease Series 4 Secrets

It’s true – we’re all counting down the days (Hours? Minutes?) until Downton Abbey returns. What will Series 4 have in store for us after the dramatic cliffhanger in Series 3? Who are all these new people we keep seeing in magazine spreads and entertainment articles? What will become of our favorite characters? Well, in a new clip from PBS, several of the Downton creators and cast give us (the briefest) look (ever) at what we can expect from the new season of everybody’s favorite costume drama.

Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, Michelle Dockery and Laura Carmichael discuss what we can expect to see this season for Crawley daughters, including a period of mourning and darkness for Mary and a surprising evolution for Edith.

They also do superbrief introductions to three of the new faces we’ll be seeing around Downton this year. (Warning, there be spoilers here if for some reason you’ve not finished Series 3 yet.)

'Foyle's War' Returns This September: Have a Look at the First PBS Preview

New episodes of popular mystery series Foyle’s War will premiere on Masterpiece Mystery beginning September 15. The three new two-hour installments – the first in three years - are called The Eternity Ring, The Cage and Sunflower. This new season will chronicle the further adventures of Christopher Foyle, now a Senior Intelligence Officer with MI-5 as he gathers secret intelligence in support of Britain’s security, as the country transitions from World War to Cold War.

Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks are both back as Foyle and his loyal assistant Samantha Stewart – and, as significant things have changed in both their lives, their working relationship will also undergo some shifts. Particularly when Samantha ends up photographed with a suspected Russian agent in the first episode. Dun dun dunnnn…

Only a few weeks to go until we can see the new episodes for ourselves. In the meantime, console yourself with this brand new PBS trailer, which contains a couple snippets of new footage.

First PBS Preview for BAFTA Winning Drama 'Last Tango in Halifax'

British romantic drama Last Tango in Halifax – which won the 2013 BAFTA for Best Drama Series in the UK – will get its US premiere on PBS stations this Fall, beginning September 8.

The six-part series stars Sir Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid as two childhood sweethearts, who are now widowed and in their 70s, who find one another again through the magic of the internet (thanks, Facebook!). They fall in love all over again and the result is a drama that’s charming, funny and just the tiniest bit bittersweet. Halifax isn’t solely about a septuagenarian will they/won’t they romance however, it also incorporates storylines featuring their struggling grown-up children and their relationships with one another.

The first PBS promo for this acclaimed drama has officially arrived – and although it’s certainly just a teaser (clocking in at just thirty seconds), it’s still exceptionally adorable. Watch below.

WATCH: The First Teaser for 'Sherlock' Series 3!

Everyone, stay calm – it’s finally happened. After months and months and months of waiting and wailing and gnashing our collective teeth trying to survive the Great Hiatus – we can finally (FINALLY) see a bit of the highly-anticipated third series of Sherlock for ourselves.

This particular clip was broadcast to close out BBC One’s summer replay of Sherlock Series 2. All week long fans have been encouraged to stick around to the very end of The Reichenbach Fall for a special treat and, as a reward, a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming season was aired.

Granted, this clip is literally (maybe) twenty seconds long, so don’t get your hopes up for huge revelations within. Still and all, however, this is the first real and official look at the highly anticipated new season of Sherlock – and for those of us who’ve been counting down the days until the series’ return, pretty much since the Reichenbach credits ended – this is like water in the desert.

Watch it for yourselves: