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Watch 'The Hollow Crown Wars of the Roses' Cast and Director Discuss the Show

Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III in "The Hollow Crown" (Photo: Courtesy of Robert Viglasky © 2015 Carnival Film & Television Ltd)

After what feels like an excruciatingly long wait, the highly anticipated sequel to The Hollow Crownsubtitled The Wars of the Rosesis finally airing in America on PBS’ Great Performances this December.

The original Hollow Crown adapted four of Shakespeare’s history plays – Richard II, Henry IV Pts. 1 and 2 and Henry V – into a single chronological narrative, with the majority of the relevant actors performing the same roles across all the plays. The three-part sequel takes on the next part of the story, and will feature adaptations of Henry VI (streamlined into two parts) and Richard III.  The plays recount the story of the titular Wars of the Roses, when two families – the Plantagenets and the Lancasters – battled for control of England’s throne.

PBS has released a new video interview where several members of the Wars of the Roses cast and production team – including star Benedict Cumberbatch – discuss the series, Shakespeare’s works, and the history behind the plays.

Benedict Cumberbatch and the 'Sesame Street' Muppets are Your Must See Clip of the Day

In case you thought the conclusion of Sherlock Series 3 would mean seeing less of star Benedict Cumberbatch in your life, well, here's some good news - that's apparently never going to happen. And - bonus - this particular bit may be one of Cumberbatch's absolute best appearances yet. It's even educational!

In a truly awesome moment that appears to have been put together during Cumberbatch's appearance at the recent Television Critics Association Press Tour, Cumberbatch hangs out with the Count and Murray, a couple of the beloved Muppets from iconic children's show Sesame Street. Murray manages to get in some Sherlock jokes, including a funny reference to finale episode His Last Vow. A battle of wits over - what else - counting ensues, the Count is called in to assist, and the result is basically perfection. Plus, you know, there's a lesson about math in there too. So, it's fun for the whole family.