News Roundup

The Friday News Roundup: How is There Still So Much Downton Abbey News Edition

It’s Friday - everyone’s favorite day of the week! While this is obviously due to it being the start of the weekend and all – it’s one of my favorite days of the week because it means News Roundup time! The day I get to cram in all the fun random things that didn’t – at the very least, haven’t yet – merited a post of their own, but are too interesting to never mention at all. (This explains the incredibly eclectic nature of the things you’ll find here, by the way.)

Anyway, click through for some of the best tidbits from the world of British entertainment news this week, including loads of Downton Abbey goodies (what hiatus?), Doctor Who, puppet chat shows, Richard Hammond’s next show about cars, Coronation Street, all those upcoming American remakes, and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Feeling a Bit Like Spring Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! (I know I can’t be the only person who felt like this was the slowest week ever, right?) Anyway, it’s Friday, at last, which means that it’s not just time for the weekend, it’s time for the News Roundup!

Click through for highlights from the world of British entertainment this week – including Downton Abbey, Titanic, Doctor Who, Being Human, Black Mirror, Upstairs Downstairs, that upcoming Only Fools and Horses remake and lots more! Did I miss something newsworthy? Leave a link in the comments!

The Friday News Roundup: Last Roundup of February Edition

Hurrah, it’s Friday! It’s a rainy, somewhat dreary Friday in the DC area, but I suppose that does make me feel a bit more authentically British somehow. (Don’t judge.) This means, obviously, that it’s time for the best part of the week – the News Roundup!

Click on through for all the important bits from the world of British entertainment this week, including news on Downton Abbey, Eternal Law, Titanic, Doctor Who, Top Gear, Call the Midwife, Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, that new American remake of Only Fools and Horses, and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Downton Abbey Finale Weekend Edition

Happy Friday Telly Visions readers! And happy long weekend, for those that don't have to trot in to the office on Monday. This weekend also brings the Series 2 finale of Downton Abbey on Sunday, which I imagine most of us are viewing with a mix of excitement (Christmassy things! Drama! Romance!) and dread (but then after Sunday, we'll have to wait for more!).

But, for now, it's only Friday, which means it's officially News Roundup time, where I attempt to link you all to all things fun and noteworthy from the world of British entertainment news this week. Click through lots of Downton Abbey goodiesas well as tidbits from Upstairs Downstairs, Doctor Who, the BAFTAs, Parade's End, Being Human, EastEnders, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and lots more.

The Friday News Roundup: Happy Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! Sixty years ago this week, Queen Elizabeth II ascended the British throne and her Diamond Jubilee celebration has officially kicked off across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth nations. Her reign is the second longest of any English monarch - she currently trails Queen Victoria by a little more than three and a half years.

Anyway, since it's Friday, that means it's News Roundup Time! Click through for tidbits from around the British entertainment industry this week, including Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous, several new American takes on British series, and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Balmy February Edition

Happy first Friday of February everyone! And apologies to any of you who might be reading from areas of the country that are buried under snow right now, but we've had a positively balmy week here in the DC area and I think it may be scrambling my brain. So, additional apologies for the fact that this week's roundup may actually be even more scatttershot than normal.

Anyway, click through for all the news that's fit to print (er... type?) from the world of British entertainment, including Upstairs Downstairs, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, Absolutely Fabulous, The Only Way is Essex and a whole lot more.

The Friday News Roundup: Adventures in Eclectic Links Edition

It’s Friday (hurrah!) so that means it’s time for our weekly edition of interesting tidbits from the world of British entertainment news.

We’ve got a wide variety of news stories (and a few non-entertainment ones!) covered this week, so click through for goodies from Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Only Way is Essex, Luther, Birdsong, Da Vinci’s Demons, Being Human and more, including news from National Television Awards. Enjoy!

The Friday News Roundup: Uncreative Title Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! Welcome to this week’s edition of the News Roundup, as well as to my apparent lack of imagination as far as a title for this week’s goes. (Probably because it’s so cold here today!)

Click through for lots of goodies on Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Upstairs Downstairs, Being Human, Inspector Lewis, Britain’s Got Talent and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Late Night Edition

Blame the short week for the lateness of today’s roundup post – it’s possible that yours truly forgot that it was actually Friday today. Please keep laughing on that score to a minimum, if at all possible.

But, it is Friday, so that means it’s News Roundup time! Click through for updates on Upstairs Downstairs, Copper, Downton Abbey, Eternal Law, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Mistresses and more!