News Roundup

Friday News Roundup: Diamond Jubilee Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! It’s a big weekend for anglophiles, as the UK gears up to officially celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Sixty years on the throne! So, if you see a bit more Britishness around the internet this weekend, it’s because we all want to celebrate with her. I know I plan to get up very early on Sunday to watch the Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames and I imagine many of you may be doing something similar. (You can find details how how/where to watch all the pomp and pageantry in today’s roundup. Just FYI.)

So, today’s News Roundup is in honor of Her Majesty, long may she continue to reign. (She’s a bit under four years away from becoming England’s longest reigning monarch!) Click through for the best tidbits from around the world of British entertainment this week, including Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Black Mirror, Doctor Who, the always amazing Eurovision song contest, a sprinkling of early Diamond Jubilee coverage and more!

Friday News Roundup: Happy Memorial Day Edition

It's officially summerrrrrr! Or at least it’s about to be! Happy Friday everyone, happy long weekend and Happy Memorial Day, a little bit early. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!

While you are waiting for your early release from work to get started on all your holiday plans, take a spin through this week’s News Roundup for tidbits and goodies from around the world of British entertainment. Click through for more on Downton Abbey, Sherlock, The Fades, Doctor Who, Misfits, Bedlam, Twenty Twelve, Eurovision 2012 and more!

The Friday News Roundup: The Short and Sweet Edition

Happy Friday, folks! Let’s jump right in to this week’s News Roundup – pausing only briefly to express relief that we seem to be actually back on a weekly schedule again, hurrah! It’s a bit on the shorter side this time out – but there’s some great little nuggets about all sorts of shows to make up for it.

So, click through for this week’s dose of interesting news from the land of British (and British-related) entertainment, including Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Absolutely Fabulous, The Only Way is Essex, Being Human and more!

The Friday News Roundup: We're Back Again Edition

The Friday News Roundup makes a (another) triumphant return! Well, more like slinks backs into your lives after entirely too much excitement with Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Moffat last week, but the first phrasing just sounds so much better. (There’s a chance this feature may ultimately end up becoming a biweekly one, but maybe not. We’ll see.)

Anyway, all is back to normal again and my life is sadly Cumberbatch-free once more except for my TV on Sunday nights, so let’s get back into what really matters, which is all the interesting bits and bobs from the world of British entertainment in the past couple weeks. Click through for tidbits about Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Parade’s End, Call the Midwife, Doctor Who, Top Gear, Rev and loads more.

The Friday News Roundup: The Catching Up Edition

Welcome to the triumphant return of the Friday News Roundup! Well, triumphant may be a stretch but nevertheless – we’re back with all the news that’s fit to type in the world of British entertainment, culture and/or generally fun things. The list is a bit lengthy this time out, since we took last week off; so there really is something for everyone, I think.

Click through for tidbits and goodies on a variety of programs, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Hunted, Twenty Twelve, Red Dwarf, Parade’s End and more, as well as news of upcoming series Hunted, The Bletchley Circle and Good Cop.

The Friday News Roundup: Another Friday the 13th Edition

Happy Friday the 13th, Telly Visions readers! Hopefully everyone has avoided any black cats or ladders or other bearers of super bad luck today.

But, even if it’s technically a possibly very unlucky Friday, it’s still News Roundup time! Click through for highlights from the world of British entertainment and pop culture, including tidbits from Downton Abbey, Titanic, Doc Martin, Sherlock, Poirot, Doctor Who, Planet Earth, Britain’s Got Talent and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Slow News Week Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! And a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating this weekend.

Is it just me, or has most of the internet apparently taken the week off for Spring Break? Very slow news week around the world of British entertainment, but there are still some good tidbits to share. If you’ve seen something newsworthy that didn’t make this list, leave us a comment!

On to the Roundup for this week! Downton Abbey fans will be particularly interested, as the first storyline hints for Series 3 have started to surface, but click through for bits and bobs about Doctor Who, Titanic, Sherlock, The Fades, Doc Martin, Derek, Spies of Warsaw and more!

The Friday News Roundup: The Unintentionally Shorter Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers! This week’s News Roundup is possibly a bit on the lighter side – which I should probably apologize for, as I expect it’s my fault that I got a bit hung up in making our new Facebook Timeline for WETA. (Our station has done some great things and there are some really are some fantastic photos so, you know, check it out if you like us.)

Anyway – back to British things! Click through for a look at all (most of?) the news that’s fit to type from the world of British entertainment this week, including Luther, Downton Abbey, Titanic, Being Human, Doctor Who, Upstairs Downstairs, an American remake of Mistresses and lots more!


The Friday News Roundup: Better Late Than Never Edition

Happy Friday (a little bit belatedly) Telly Visions readers! I’m absolutely sneaking this one in right at the wire, mainly because I’m an idiot who thought that I posted this earlier today when I hadn’t. Sigh. You can all stop laughing now, please.

Anyway, better late than never I expect – click through for a look at some of the most interesting things that happened in the land of British entertainment news this week, including Doc Martin, Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Frozen Planet, Titanic, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and more!

The Friday News Roundup: Happy Early St. Patrick's Day Edition

Happy Friday, Telly Visions readers – and happy early St. Patrick’s Day! Though, honestly, for my fellow DC residents – what happened to all the nice weather, huh? Let’s try and escape the gloom, shall we, with some of the best tidbits from around the world of British entertainment this week.

Click through for this week’s News Roundup – featuring bits and bobs from Downton Abbey, Friday Night Dinner, EastEnders, Doctor Who, Britain’s Got Talent, The Only Way is Essex and lots more!