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Watch: An In-Depth Chat with ‘Downton Abbey’s’ Joanne Froggatt

Since we’re all undergoing fairly severe Downton Abbey withdrawal by this point, most of us will gladly sit through anything we can get that might even be tangentially related to the show. Luckily, getting to watch a fairly lengthy new interview with Joanne Froggatt, who plays everyone’s favorite housemaid-turned-ladies-maid Anna Bates, doesn’t even feel like cheating. So, why not do that?

Buzzfeed editor Jarrett Wieselman sat down with the Emmy-nominated actress recently as part of a special event for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation in Los Angeles, which involved a screening followed by a Q&A session. Happily, it was recorded for those of us who don’t have SAG cards. The two chat for about forty-five minutes on a variety of topics, ranging from Froggatt’s early days as an actress, to her initial reaction to the script for Downton Abbey, to her experiences filming on the set.

And of course, she really digs in to Anna’s character and the responsibility she herself felt in being truthful to the character during her intense – and much darker – scenes this past season.

It’s well worth a watch if you’ve got a few minutes to spare!

Benedict Cumberbatch Reciting R. Kelly Lyrics is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

Should Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch decide he doesn’t want to be an actor anymore, he might just have a future in the music business. Or poetry. Or both.

We’ve already seen him read Snoop Dogg lyrics in an Alan Rickman voice with late night host Jimmy Fallon, so we know he’s passingly familiar with hip-hop. Next up, he tackles the often baffling, generally uncomfortable and occasionally frightening work of R&B singer R. Kelly. And you’ll want to watch it. No, really. You will.

Cumberbatch is currently doing the promotional rounds in support of the imminent release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, in which he provides the voice of the titular great dragon. He appeared on ABC late night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, during an episode in which Kelly was also scheduled to be a guest. Kelly’s forthcoming album, titled Black Panties, has already become something of an internet sensation, thanks to its largely crass – and, quite frankly, totally crazy – lyrics.

Kimmel had Cumberbatch – and his distinctive baritone voice – perform a dramatic reading of the song Genuis off of Kelly’s upcoming album and it’s simultaneously hilarious and vaguely terrifying, by which I mean all-around wonderful. The dramatic pauses! The serious actor pose! There’s even a wink in there.

In short: Stop what you are doing and watch right now.

Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Has an Alan Rickman Impersonation Competition with Jimmy Fallon


Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has been seemingly everywhere the past few days, promoting the upcoming release of his new drama The Fifth Estate, where he plays the notorious Julian Assange. While many of you will probably have some conflicting opinions (as I did) about the film itself, it’s hard to feel anything but giddy about all of Cumberbatch’s various promotional appearances, which have run the gamut from his standard default setting of charming to unbelievably fantastic.

Apparently Fallon and Cumberbatch both do an impersonation of British star Alan Rickman. So, of course, the two had to have a competition to compare their respective Rickman versions. And what better proving ground than the world of hip hop lyrics? Obvious, as Sherlock Holmes would say.

Yes, you read that right. Hip hop lyrics. Watch below. It’ll be the best thing you see all day.

Dan Stevens Talks About His New Movies and His New Look on The One Show

Dan Stevens has been keeping pretty busy since his departure from Downton Abbey – he’s been cast as a hacker opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, a drug dealer opposite Liam Neeson, he’s done some theater opposite an Academy Award nominee, and he’s scored a new TV gig for later this year (in the new adaptation of Swallows and Arrows).

And also apparently he's undergone a rather drastic makeover. He’s lost a significant amount of weight – somewhere in the range of thirty pounds so he says – and has also done something rather jolly with this hair. (It be fair, it’s not as dark as he had originally had for that film with Neeson, called A Walk Among the Tombtones, but it’s kind of a seriously dramatic shift.).

Stevens appeared on the BBC teatime chat show The One Show last week to promote his new movie Summer in February in which he plays a character who is freakishly like Matthew Crawley, but since we’re all going to go swoon over this movie as soon as it manages to get released in America, let’s ignore that.

Stevens talks a bit about saying goodbye to Downton, his upcoming film roles and has a rather adorable exchange with one of his former teachers, who also happens to be the guy that wrote the book Summer in February. And before you ask, yes, the One Show hosts are generally always like this.

Rare Dame Maggie Smith Interview Set to Happen on 60 Minutes

All Downton Abbey fans are probably going to want to make sure that they tune in to CBS news program 60 Minutes this weekend (February 17) because it’s going to be a rare opportunity to see an interview with the Dowager Countess herself, Dame Maggie Smith!

We all love Dame Maggie and her fantastic portrayal of Downton’s indomitable Dowager Countess, but it’s common knowledge that the star rarely makes public appearances like this. The two-time Oscar winner has a shelf full of awards for her portrayal of Violet Crawley , including multiple Golden Globes and Emmys, but the actress has never picked any of them up herself. Smith is notorious for never attending awards shows and the actress hardly ever does promotional appearances or interviews like this. (Read: Also pretty much never.) Get a sneek peek at Dame Maggie's CBS interview after the jump.

Something for the Sherlock Fans: Maybe the Best Benedict Cumberbatch Interview Ever

MTV News caught up with Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch at the Golden Globe Awards last weekend – the actor was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his turn as the world’s only consulting detective. Sadly, he lost out to Kevin Costner’s performance in Hatfields and McCoys (a fact that deserves another whole post/rant on its own), but, nevertheless, this carpet clip is worth a look for all the Cumberbatch fans out there, just because it’s kind of fantastic.

In theory, the thrust of this interview is that Cumberbatch finally shares a favorite line from his upcoming turn as [Mysterious Big Bad Villain to Be Identified Later] in the upcoming Star Trek sequel. Full disclosure: if you’re a Trekkie watching this clip specifically for this moment, prepare yourselves for disappointment now, because the only line the actor utters is something that’s already shown up in the film’s promotional materials. (Dull. /Sherlock voice.)

However, if you’ve ever wanted to watch the man who’s mostly famous for playing an aloof, anti-social genius get super excited because Adele passes by on the red carpet? Then this is the video for you.


See the Full Q&A with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan From the Doctor Who NYC Screening!

The weekend before the Doctor Who premiere, a special fan screening of the Series 7 premiere, Asylum of the Daleks, was held in New York City. Not only did those folks lucky enough to attend get to see the latest episode a week before everyone else in the world, they also got to take part in a panel Q&A session with stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner afterward.

Honestly, I was hoping for more discussion from Who folks about the giant twist that features in the Asylum episode, because I just need to talk this to death personally, apparently, and it only gets one question here. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun little segment and Smith, Gillan and host Chris Hardwicke from The Nerdist are as charming and adorable as ever.

Click through and give it a look for yourself. WARNING: Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the Series 7 premiere yet. It will spoil you for something that, I promise, you are better off finding out for yourself.

Watch the Full Sherlock Masterclass From the Edinburgh International Television Festival!

Several members of the Sherlock cast and production team participated in the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, holding a masterclass session on the drama and dropping some exceptionally cryptic hints about Series 3.

Co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were both present, as was producer Sue Vertue and everyone’s favorite consulting criminal, Andrew Scott. While there a lot of last minute scheduling shifts surrounding this particular panel – at different points both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were slated to take part, but each had to drop out – the final product certainly sounded as though it was well worth the wait.

Luckily for those of us who are nowhere near Scotland, we can now watch this whole event ourselves. Thanks to the fantastic folks at the MGEITF, the full Sherlock Masterclass session is available to watch online. Other than the awesome Series 2 preview event in New York last spring – an easy victory in this category just by virtue of the fact that I was actually there – this is one of the more interesting panel Q&As with this group that I’ve seen.

Click through and take a look for yourself! Maybe you’ll be able to deduce something about those mysterious “three words” from Moffat and Gatiss’s facial expressions!