Great British Baking Show

The 10 Best British TV Series of 2021

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From gut-wrenching dramas to cozy historicals, long-running mysteries that sought to reinvent themselves, and buzzy new period dramas with a decidedly modern edge, there was truly something for everyone in the world of British television this year. Here are our picks for the ten best British series to air in 2021.

The Problem with 'The Great British Baking Show' is Paul Hollywood

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The most recent season of The Great British Baking Show was not the series' best effort: From ridiculous challenges that seemed more focused on shaming the contestants than celebrating their bakes to awkward host interactions and truly incomprehensible judging decisions, the tent has been a mess this year and there is certainly lots to complain about. But the show's never going to get back to its best self until it deals with the elephant in the room: Judge Paul Hollywood