Cool Broadcasting Moves

'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Special to Be Simulcast Around the Globe

Doctor Who fans around the world are going to have to synchronize their sonic screwdrivers to make sure they catch the iconic series’ highly-anticipated 50th anniversary special this November. In an unprecedented move (at least for anything that isn’t Prince William’s wedding), the BBC has decided that the Who anniversary episode will be simulcast around the world, in an effort to avoid spoilers and online leaks ruining the special event for fans following its initial UK broadcast. This event is set to be the biggest drama simulcast in history. So, get excited, Whovians!

According to a statement released by BBC Worldwide in the Radio Times, the commercial entity responsible for the global distribution of Doctor Who and other series, “It's always been our ambition to work with our broadcast partners so that international Doctor Who fans can enjoy the 50th Anniversary special at the same time as the UK. We'll have more details soon about our very exciting global plans for November."

First Look at Misfits Series 4, New Episodes to Stream in America on Hulu

UK network E4 has released the first trailer for Series 4 of its teen superhero drama Misfits, a show that’s returning after its most successful season to date, but that’s also in for a lot of changes this season after the departure of three key cast members.

The brief teaser features our first look at returning characters Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) and Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) alongside newcomers Jess and Finn (played by Karla Crome and Nathan McMullen, respectively). We also see enough to get an idea of what the newbies powers are going to be – Finn’s telekinesis and Jess’ x-ray vision. This is certainly a step up from last season when Curtis’ superpower was to turn into a girl. But the only place to to go from there was up, really, I’d say.

At any rate, take a look at the first teaser for Series 4 after the jump and get some details about when we can expect to see the new season for ourselves. (Spoiler: It’s really good news for every stripe of British TV fan.)